Write a song about the vietnam war

Army tours of duty in Vietnam, which meant that Uncle Sam would send me back home exactly days later — on Nov.

Write a song about the vietnam war

The battle had been one of the bloodiest of the war so far. More than 12, Federals had been killed or wounded; Confederate losses numbered about 5, The two sides were still licking their wounds, each entertaining murderous thoughts about the other.

As was customary in camp, at twilight the regimental bands on either side began their evening concerts. When they were bivouacked close together, as they were that night, the opposing bands would sometimes play at the same time, trying to drown each other out.

On other occasions they took turns. The slow, plaintive notes floated like feathers through the air, gently nestling into homesick hearts. Night was the time when men wrote home to their mothers and sweethearts, or held silent communion with themselves.

The soothing notes sent the heartfelt words of the beloved song running through their minds: One after another, every regimental band in both armies joined in. Everyone ceased what they were doing.

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Pens were put down; books were closed; games of tag stopped; cards drifted to the ground. Both sides began cheering, jumping up and down and throwing their hats into the air. Had there not been a river between them, reflected Mixson, the two armies would have met face to face, shaken hands, and ended the war on the spot.

In the summer ofthe Confederates under Maj. Jubal Early were about to confront Maj. Their picket lines were only a few feet apart in some places. As night fell, the pickets began talking to one another. Both sides were exhausted. One of the picket officers called over to the other that he would agree not to fire on their pickets, if the other side would do likewise.

write a song about the vietnam war

The bargain was quickly made. The Confederate pickets began singing some of their favorite songs. On May 10,Confederates and Federals faced each other at Spotsylvania. To ease the tension, a Confederate band made its way from its usual position in the rear and began playing hymns.

As soon as it stopped, a Federal band nearby started in with one of its own hymns. Then came a bout of patriotic songs. But they had nothing to worry about on that score. The song had just the opposite effect.

In that sense, the song had a deeper meaning than more overtly patriotic songs, since patriotic songs appealed to general, rather than personal, feelings. Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary, were likewise comforted by the heartfelt song when the Italian songstress Adelina Patti sang it to them at the White House in The songstress had been invited to the White House for a private appearance in the hope that she might give them some respite from their grief.

Lincoln in tears and the president covering his face with his hands. The songstress instantly sensed that the song had reminded them of their recent loss.

Perhaps if she sang a happy song, she thought, she might change their mood. Both the words and music of the song came from an opera, Clari, or The Maid of Milan, which had its debut in London, England, on May 8, The tune was composed by Henry Bishopthe most famous English composer of the day, but it was the poignant lyrics written by expatriate American author John Howard Payne that made the song an international hit.

Although he became one of the best-known personages in America, Payne was often destitute and lived much of his life away from his native land. His father had moved the family to East Hampton when Payne was very young, and that is where Payne spent his earliest and happiest years.

Many believe that this is the home he so fondly wrote about many years later.So many songs in the s and s discussed the Vietnam War, but few were popular with the troops. An exception was The Animals’ ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’ and this song wasn’t intentionally written about the Vietnam War.

It was written by a married couple who were talking about their own lives. The primary purpose of audacious Operation Dewey Canyon was to kill North Vietnamese Army troops and deny them supplies and access to the densely populated areas of the coastal lowlands.

Controversy arose when U.S.

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Marines crossed into Laos. Jan 27,  · it is for a history class and it has to be 20 lines or more here are the questions For this project, you're assignment is to use what you've learned about the Vietnam War to write your own song regarding U.S.

involvement in rutadeltambor.com: Open. War War War Live Country Joe McDonald Nine poems from Robert W. Service's war-themed collection Rhymes of a Red Cross Man set to music and sung by Country Joe McDonald. Recorded live on July 7, at the 2nd annual "Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion," honoring US Vietnam War resisters and others in Castlegar, British Columbia.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's ten-part documentary series, THE VIETNAM WAR, tells the epic story of one of the most consequential, divisive, and controversial events in American history. This is a list of songs concerning, revolving around, or directly referring to the Vietnam War, or to the Vietnam War's rutadeltambor.com a more complete listing see "Vietnam on Record", and the "Vietnam War Song Project".

write a song about the vietnam war
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