Write a letter to santa online and get an instant reply

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Write a letter to santa online and get an instant reply

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When we founded Consortiumnews. Journalist Robert Parry Indeed, that was the original reason that I turned to what was then a new media platform to create a home for well-reported stories and to challenge the many misguided conventional wisdoms.

As one of the reporters who helped expose the Iran-Contra scandal for The Associated Press in the mids, I was distressed by the silliness and propaganda that had come to pervade American journalism.

I feared, too, that the decline of the U.

write a letter to santa online and get an instant reply

Also bydocuments were emerging that put the history of the s in a new and more troubling light. Yet, there were fewer and fewer media outlets interested in that history.

The memories of Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush were enveloped in warm-and-fuzzy myths that represented another kind of danger: Though we have struggled with funding — surviving for more than two decades through a combination of our own frugality and the generosity of our readers — we have managed to produce groundbreaking journalism on many of the most significant issues of the day, including national security, foreign policy, politics and the environment.

We also looked at the underlying problems of modern democracy, particularly the insidious manipulation of citizens by government propaganda and the accomplice role played by mainstream media. Despite all the death, destruction and destabilization caused by the Iraq invasion, there was almost no accountability in the U.

When I was a young reporter, I was taught that there were almost always two sides to a story and often more.

Recently analyzed sites:

I also realized that finding the truth often required digging beneath the surface and not just picking up the convenient explanation sitting out in the open. But the major Western news outlets began to see journalism differently. It became their strange duty to shut down questioning of the Official Story, even when the Official Story had major holes and made little sense, even when the evidence went in a different direction and serious analysts were disputing the groupthink.

Looking back over the past two decades, I wish I could say that the media trend that we detected in the mids had been reversed. All get thrown into the same pot and subjected to disdain and ridicule.

This dilemma — this crisis in democracy — has made the role of Consortiumnews even more essential today than it may have been in After Amazon updated Kindle Fire to version , the older root method stopped working.

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It is great to have your children write a letter to Santa Clause but it is even better when they hear back.

write a letter to santa online and get an instant reply

In this post I have listed 8 ways to hear from Santa Clause! This is a free instant reply letter for kids. You enter in fields on their website and an automatic letter is created. This is another instant letter from Santa.

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rutadeltambor.com: Write a Letter to Santa online and get an instant