What factors must be considered when

It is both a business and a personal decision, factoring in how much you need to earn to make a living, along with your values and marketing messages. Your products can be priced strictly based on financial considerations, or you can use prices to differentiate your company from your competition, or send a message to your customers about quality. Cost and Margin Your price needs to be sufficient for you to recoup your costs and to earn a little extra in profit. It should cover both direct costs, or the materials and labor that went into producing the item, as well as indirect costs, or expenses such as rent and utilities that you incur to keep your business running.

What factors must be considered when

What factors must be considered when

They carefully create a vision of their future and the strategies needed to get there. But many fail to realize their vision and fail to deliver the expected strategic results.

Unfortunately, executive teams cannot pinpoint the reasons for this dilemma so they repeat the strategic planning cycle over and over, always hoping that the next strategic planning session will bring better results.

In our experience, there are 5 critical factors that will ensure your strategic plans are successfully implemented. Strategic Planning is a process not an event. A key element in the process is the engagement of all levels of staff throughout the organization.

Staff engagement generates additional input and helps build their commitment to the end plan. It is essential to involve employees in the planning of strategy and direction for the organization.

Provide insight into issues, challenges, concerns, and opportunities which may not have been known or fully understood. The senior management team will not execute the strategies — staff will.

Engage them and your strategy execution success rate will increase dramatically. Harvard Business School Strategic Planning processes are successful when a bottom up and top down communication approach is taken.

It starts off with a communication to all levels of employees informing them that a Strategic Planning process will be undertaken.

It includes how they will be involved in this process. This is the bottom up communication. Employees will provide input to the strategic planning process through feedback surveys, focus groups, meetings, etc.

It is followed by the top down communication.

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Senior management will share the strategic plan with employees. They will communicate to all employees how their engagement will help ensure success in the execution of these strategies. Yet if they try something that is a little dangerous and new, they will realize true innovation.

They put teams of individuals together to work on these major initiatives and give them investment money to ensure success. This is not a failure of execution. It is the lack of an Innovation Process to manage the strategy that led to the failure.

The senior management created strategies that required innovation to achieve them. This is unfortunately, very common. Many organizations tell their employees to be more innovative. They create strategies for new products and services. But they fail to develop a strategy for Innovation which includes reshaping the organizational culture to be innovative, implementing a process for managing innovations, etc.

Research in Motion is a classic case. They market it and promote it. But look at their Strategic Plan. They lack a clear strategy for innovation — but they do have strategies for new product development. They will of course disagree. The Playbook is an Ipad with less functionality.

However, there are many examples of organizations that have a strategy for innovation and this helps drive their new product and service delivery strategies. One is to identify the projects that are required to ensure success in the execution of each strategy.

Another is to develop a prioritization of all these projects to ensure the high priority ones have the proper resourcing to ensure success. This requires a high involvement and commitment on the part of employees to spend the time required on the projects.

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The high level of involvement of employees ensures that they understand the strategic plan. If the employees of an organization believe that change is something to be feared and avoided, then change implementation is often reactive and haphazard.

Conclusion Establish a clear and meaningful strategic planning process. Engage all levels of employees to ensure success.What factors must be considered in ‘return to school’ following concussion? What strategies or accommodations should be recommended in ‘return to school’ following concussion?

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Among the factors which the Court has considered significant are: The extent to which the services. Nov 16,  · 4 Things You Must Consider When Choosing a Supplier. Share; Tweet Three of them are considered first-tier in our industry and combined they .

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What factors must be considered when

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