Thomas kinkade

Called the "Painter of Light", he created a large body of popular and best-selling works that often depicted idyllic pastoral themes. He was to spend the s traveling and refining his craft, along the way publishing 's "The Artist's Guide to Sketching" and producing the background scenes for the film "Fire and Ice", and gradually began marketing his pictures which were characterized by the instantly recognizable "Kinkade glow".

Thomas kinkade

Learn more about the Painter of Light with the following facts. When he was very young, Thomas Kinkade decided that he wanted to be an artist—and after that, he really never put down his paintbrush. His mother, Mary Ann, remembered that his second grade teacher commented on his artistic ability and predicted that Thomas would be a successful artist one day.

His brother, Patrick, tells stories about Thomas preferring to spend his childhood inside drawing—no matter how much he bugged him to play outside. When a family friend commented that she liked something he had drawn, Kinkade offered the piece to her for a small fee. He used the money, as well as what he earned on his paper route, to buy art supplies and make small renovations, such as adding a loft area to his childhood bedroom to turn it into a proper studio.

Thomas kinkade

Kinkade was well-known to be a devoted Christian, and he often depicted churches and included Bible verses with his paintings. Kinkade became a born again Christian in and credited God with much of the inspiration for his work. Kinkade gave himself the nickname not just in reference to the element commonly found in his paintings, but also as a reflection of his artistic philosophy.

Getty Images It is estimated that a Kinkade painting hangs in one out of every 20 homes in the U. The artist was known to ride his Harley-Davidson around the small town where he lived, Los Gatos, and befriend the local homeless population.

He was a reader, but also occasionally liked to shoot and blow things up on his ranch. Each Christmas was not complete without an appearance by Kinkade dressed as Santa Claus himself.

For the last two years of his life, Kinkade and his wife were legally separated. He died at 54 in the house he shared with his girlfriend with large amounts of alcohol and Valium in his system and green paint on his fingernails. His death led to a highly publicized battle over his estate between his ex-wife and girlfriend that ended in December with an undisclosed arrangement and the parties announcing "Putting Mr.

Kinkade's message of love, spirituality, and optimism at the forefront, the parties are pleased that they have honored Mr.

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Thomas kinkade

Thomas Kinkade was America's most collected living artist, and the adventure that he's taken to get there is a fascinating and compelling story. Watch video · A look at the inspiration behind Thomas Kinkade's painting The Christmas Cottage, and how the artist was motivated to begin his career after discovering his mother was in .

Thomas Kinkade is an artist who is best known for painting luminous inspirational scenes of bridges, gardens, gates, gazebos, estates, the great outdoors, hearth and home, cottages, lighthouses, cityscapes, and seascapes. This particular image is Christmas Evening.

It depicts the evening before Christmas day while the joyous symbols of the season abound. Art for sale Thomas Kinkade Kincaid Kinkaid Kincade Oil paintings Fine Art hand embellished hand highlighting master highlighting Studio Proofs Renaissance Giclee.

Ever looked at a Thomas Kinkade painting of a cozy cottage nestled into an impossibly golden landscape and thought: That picture would be better with some avant-garde architecture?

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