The impact of oil price fluctuation

What are the possible causes and consequences of higher oil prices on the overall economy? November What a daunting question! With oil prices increasing rapidly in the recent past, it is hard not to wonder what has caused it and just what effect it might have on the rest of the economy. Let me begin by discussing the evolution of oil prices over time.

The impact of oil price fluctuation

What causes oil prices to fluctuate? Lioudis Updated April 20, — Oil is a commodityand as such, it tends to see larger fluctuations in price than more stable investments such as stocks and bonds.

There are several influences on oil prices, a few of which we will outline below.

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The consortium sets production levels to meet global demand and can influence the price of oil and gas by increasing or decreasing production. OPEC was the major cause of cheap oil, as it refused to cut oil production, leading to the tumble in prices. Supply and Demand, Futures Contract Impacts on Oil Prices As with any commodity, stock or bond, the laws of supply and demand cause oil prices to change.

When supply exceeds demand, prices fall and the inverse is also true when demand outpaces supply. The fall in oil prices can be attributed a lower demand for oil in Europe and China, coupled with a steady supply of oil from OPEC. The excess supply of oil caused oil prices to fall sharply. While supply and demand affect oil prices, it is actually oil futures that set the price of oil.

A futures contract for oil is a binding agreement that gives a buyer the right to buy a barrel of oil at a set price in the future. As spelled out in the contract, the buyer and seller of the oil are required to complete the transaction on the specific date.

The impact of oil price fluctuation

Impact of Natural Disasters and Politics on Oil Prices Natural disasters are another factor that can cause oil prices to fluctuate. For example, when Hurricane Katrina struck the southern U. In Maythe flooding of the Mississippi River also led to oil price fluctuation.

Once the supply of cheap oil is exhausted, the price could conceivably rise if the only remaining oil is in the tar sands. With so much oversupply in the industry, a decline in production decreases overall supply and increases prices.

Consistent weekly drops put upward pressure on oil prices as a result. There are also ongoing concerns that oil storage is running low, which impacts the level of investments moving into the oil industry. Oil diverted into storage has grown exponentially, and key hubs have seen their storage tanks filling up rather quickly.

However, slowing production and pipeline network improvements will reduce the chance that oil storage will reach its limits, which helps investors shed their fears of too much supply and a rise in oil prices. Interest Rate Impact on Oil Prices While views are mixed, the reality is that oil prices and interest rates have some correlation between their movements, but are not correlated exclusively.

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In truth, many factors affect the direction of both interest rates and oil prices. Fewer people on the road translates to less demand for oil, which can cause oil prices to drop.

By this same theory, when interest rates drop, consumers and companies are able to borrow and spend money more freely, which drives up demand for oil. The greater the usage of oil, which has OPEC-imposed limits on production amounts, the more consumers bid up the price.

When the dollar is strong, American oil companies can buy more oil with every U. Likewise, when the value of the dollar is low against foreign currencies, the relative strength of U.

The impact of oil price fluctuation

This, of course, can contribute to oil becoming costlier to the U. OPEC is widely seen as the most influential player in oil price fluctuations, but basic supply and demand factors, production costs, political turmoil and even interest rates can play a significant role in the price of oil.1 Impact of oil price fluctuations on Indian economy Abstract: Indian economy has been facing the twin issues of mounting trade imbalance and persisting inflation.

Real Output Zhang Qianqian / Energy Procedia 5 () Oil price may influence every aspect of the national economy, production and consumption, cost and price, trade and investment, all of these would affected by the oil price fluctuation, so the high .

This paper empirically examines how oil price fluctuations impact Indian economy through various channels, viz. real sector, monetary policy, external trade, exchange rate and investment. The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations have certainly had an impact on the Brent and WTI prices of oil.

Furthermore, this divergence between these two oil prices since early This paper will attempt to quantify the impact of oil price on growth for importing or exporting countries stratified by type (advanced, emerging, and developing economies).

How Oil Prices Impact the U.S. Economy.

How Oil Prices Impact the U.S. Economy | Investopedia Share by email Wide fluctuations in oil prices have played an important role in driving recessions and even regimes collapsing—which is why oil price movements are closely watched by economists, investors, and policymakers. The two recent cycles of historic highs and lows suggest that the world economy is in unchartered territory.
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By Andrew drops in the price of oil were largely viewed as positive because it lowered the price of importing oil and reduced costs for the.

The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations |