The complex themes found in cloud 9 a play by caryl churchill

Moreover, with a conspicuously literal creative twist, Churchill employs the characters themselves in demonstrating the acute form of colonial oppression that she mocks so profoundly. However, for the purpose of this discussion, only Joshua, Victoria, Clive, Edward, and Betty will be discussed in regards to their emblematic transformations. Really has the knack.

The complex themes found in cloud 9 a play by caryl churchill

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Most characters are played by actors of the opposite gender or of a different race Joshua is played by a white and at the focus of the storyline are Clive and his family, including wife Betty, young son Edward, and daughter Victoria, who appears only in the second act.

The other characters are governess Ellen, uncle Harry, Mrs.

The complex themes found in cloud 9 a play by caryl churchill

Besides the twisted line of events, which portray a lot of sexual intercourses between characters, there are two prominent themes of gender and race in this play. This play breaks any expectations about the relationships between the characters of the audience members and makes the viewer reflect on the dynamics between different races and genders that we often perceive like a set norm.

However, such beliefs are broken, when we see how Joshua is treated, although he is white. It would be curious to actually see the play because I believe the impact on the audience would be much stronger than when reading the it. I often forgot that Joshua is white and Betty is a man, because I got so immersed into the content of the play that I would forget how the message could change depending on the actors playing the characters.

But I think reversing many of the roles is very important in making the audience question certain beliefs that are accepted norms in our society, and see how they got embedded in our culture as stereotypes and how they can be challenged.

I found it interesting and surprising at the same time how provocative and open about sexuality, sex and gender this play was.

Whereas women are expected to be feminine and ideal wives because of the mere fact that they are woman, Churchill plays around this idea by casting a male to represent the perfect wife of a British colonial administrator. In the first act, we see that for Betty, family and her role as a housewife is the most important thing, although she has sexual desires that make her deviate from this ideal role- but all this takes a different significance when we see a male performing this ideal concept.

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For me, Betty is the character that actually grows throughout the play in a sense that she seems to learn more about gender and sexuality and towards the end, she becomes more acceptant of the idea that femininity and masculinity can be very blurry concepts and they fluctuate a lot across the spectrum of gender, as stated by Butler.

I liked that Churchill found a comedic and somehow ridiculous way to challenge the concepts of gender and sexuality and the very limited way societies often get to interpret them.

If one accepts gender as a performance limited by boundaries of sex, Churchill portrays on stage a different world that aims to make the audience think about how ridiculous it is to tie gender to such close-minded expectations. It seemed that these realms of life were somehow always controlled and overlooked by authorities and what the Queen would think was always a big concern.

I liked that the play seemed very truthful about discussions on sexuality and gender that continue to occur all around the world, including conversations on same-sex marriage and adoption, transsexuals, portrayal of gender in the media etc.

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Cloud Nine is very interesting, engaging and pretty direct in addressing all these topics and making the audience question the way in which we become or not complicit to the way society genders us.When Cloud 9 opened in most audience members probably tended to think of gender as a black and white thing—you're either male or female, case closed.

But in this play, Churchill offers up the idea that maybe gender isn't based on biology at all. In Caryl Churchill’s Cloud 9, two themes emerge as paramount in understanding what hides behind the chaos disguising the meaning of the play.

Churchill’s choice of colonialism and sexual oppression become apparent in her purposefully unambiguous euphemisms and transcendent theme combination. The intricacies of these relationships and the play’s doubling create a complex and moving account of the multiplicity of individual sexualities.

Cloud Nine was first performed in at the Dartington College of Arts, before touring and transferring to London.

The complex themes found in cloud 9 a play by caryl churchill

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