Stem cell research assignment

Stem cells Stem cells are cells found in all multi-cellular organisms.

Stem cell research assignment

Stem Cell Research: Course Project Law, Professor Smith DeVry University April 10, Stem Cell Research: Course Project Law, Professor Smith DeVry University April 10, Introduction Stem cell research is an extremely controversial topic within the United States and other countries. Stem Cell Biology and Research welcome reviews, original research posts, and theory highlighting the portrayal of biochemistry indicating pathways, stem cells and stem cell micro-environment. There has been an increasing interest in the stromal cell system. The first assignment will be due Week #7. Final Assignment: Presentation Concerning Recent Stem Cells Research Literature. The stem cell field is one of the fastest evolving biomedical research fields. The last assignment will consist of in-class presentations concerning three research articles published recently.

Hire Writer Victims with heart complications, diabetics, arthritis, and Alzheimer victims could benefit. Those too with permanent scars arising from burns and spinal cord complications could also go along way with a replacement. Funding stem cell research will revolutionize the medical field.

Donor transplantation will be a gone issue; cases of donated organs being rejected will also not arise. To replace vital organs like the lung or the liver will also require duplication, this extends to tissues that cannot be transplanted.

There are uncountable benefits to be reaped from this research and its successful completion. This would save people that otherwise succumb to early deaths Green, Ronald M, Increasing life spans According to researchers, at the advanced stages of stem cell discoveries, some of the highest killer diseases will be put to stop.

It will see emergence of a technology that might see human life span being extended with a number of years more than it is today. Diseases such as cancer and heart diseases that are high killers will no longer be unsettling. This is a major benefit that can be reaped by humanity should resources be allocated and channeled towards this research.

This can have many benefits, as people will be leading long and adequately productive lives. Curing diseases As afore mentioned, researchers have predicted that with ongoing research on stem cell, large number of fatal diseases will find a cure. This is now being put in to jeopardy by freezing of federal government funding to this research.

Various diseases will become treatable, brain cancer being one of them. Blood cancer will be the main benefactor to human beings. Stem cell technique, where cells will be boosted and modifications introduced to enable them survive even the most strenuous process of chemotherapy. These advents have been made in the United Kingdom.

The government of the United States should provide resources for such developments; this research holds the key to the cure of various fatal diseases. Jobs creation Tentative statistics on the impact that stem cell technique will have on job creation puts the figure at overopportunities annually.

This figure is just an estimate and may be understated. Should more funding to the stem cell research be accorded by the government and researchers be allowed to go full scale, the figure is likely to triple in a number of years.

Economic boost The biotech industry at the moment offers job refuge to over two hundred employees. With the recent discoveries on how the use of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells can provide the cure to killers such as cancer, spinal injuries and the Parkinson diseases, the industry is likely to be the next venue for large financers.

The government should chip in and transform this field in to an economic viable venture. A look at most states in the America reveals that politicians are facing a huge dilemma. If they choose to support stem cell research, their popularity amongst votes is at stake.

If they chose to do away with it altogether, they will loose jobs and investments from the willing companies.

Stem cell research assignment

Huge companies in the biotech industry ranging from Genentech and Amgen are raring to commit their researchers in the states that will provide funds for the research.

The United States is also facing international competition in this. While Americans seem to be locked in to an endless battle of morals and ethics, South Koreans and British have recognized the economic potential of these ventures http: Conclusion Politicians in the United States and those in authority are having it rough trying to balance between the benefits brought fourth by stem cell research and ethical queries behind the issue.

They are treading cautiously lest voters wrath befall them should they make a wrong move. A look however at the cost benefits analysis of funding stem research indicates that the United States stands to gain much from the research rather than the way it is now.

Stem cell research will lead to discovery of cures of a number of debilitating diseases such as brain cancer and heart disease among others. It will lead to creation of jobs; it will prolong the life span of human beings and some lives. This is what is at stake when federal government denies funds to this research on flimsy grounds based on ethics and morals.

This research should not only be funded all the way but also other incentives such as tax reprieves to the biotech companies should be granted to ensure that Americans and the world gains from this research.Introduction Slides with Facilitator Notes - PDF MB Introducing Stem Cells Slides with Facilitator Notes - Powerpoint MB Activities - Ages MB Activities 16+ KB.

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Thanks to Keisuke Kaji, Jonas Larsson, Hans . Stem Cell Biology and Research welcome reviews, original research posts, and theory highlighting the portrayal of biochemistry indicating pathways, stem cells and stem cell micro-environment.

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Stem cell study has proved to be one of the most appealing areas of modern biology, gut due to development of many fields of scientific inquiry this research has continued to raise as many scientific research questions as the new discoveries also emerges. - stem cells are undefined cells that can separate to become other cells.

- two types - embryonic stem cells (pluripotent stem cells) - And adult stem cells (tissue stem cell). Umbilical cord stem cells: Umbilical cord blood collected at birth is a rich source of stem cells that can be used in research and in the clinic to treat diseases of the blood and immune system.

The ability to differentiate into a closely related family of cells.A’levels Science. After a baby is born.

Stem Cells - Assignment Example