Rear projection projector

Home cinema enthusiasts demand more in a home theater experience. Enjoy sports by day and movies the way Hollywood intended by night. Now the focus is on the image and not the screen.

Rear projection projector

The best solution for video wall displays.


Provides clear, bright images in high-ambient light environments Includes brightness uniformity control and color matching Resists image "burn-in" or image retention Has only 1 mm seams between screens and built-in edge blending for seamless tiling Delivers the widest range of viewing angles from anywhere in the room.

This proven technology comes in a wide range of sizes, resolutions and display capabilities. The built-in GPIO port gives you automated control between the projection engine and hardware devices.

Part of the newest generation of high-performance, high-brightness, LED rear projection engines, they boast over lumens in brightness capability — the brightest LED projectors available.

Our rear projection systems support a wide range of resolutions and display sizes and use Christie's proven, leading-edge technologies.

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We can help you find the right display solution for your custom display wall or retrofit. No matter what your specific requirements may be, Christie has the right solution to fit your needs.Christie rear projection is the best solution for video wall displays.

Use with all projection formats, including higher luminance video and datagraphics projection. Cine 15—For all formats, for mid-brightness video projectors. Please Note: Custom coating is available and often specified.

Rear projection projector

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Diffusion Screen Technology Dark Grey Rigid Rear Projection Screen Definition This rigid rear projection screen is what we like to refer to as the "go to screen of our line", if for any reason you have doubts about which screen to use for your project than this screen is for you.
Rear Projection Screen Top 10 unbelievable historical concurrencies A rear projection screen is a type of screen which is designed to be used with rear projection presentations. In rear projection, the image passes through the screen to the eyes of the viewer, rather than being reflected against the front of the screen.
Shop by category Our years of experience has given us the tools to develop solutions for today and look ahead at what solutions will be needed. We foresaw the need to install and wire a recessed screen case ahead of time, and keep the increasingly important viewing surface safe and clean for later installation, and patented the Access concept.

Find great deals on eBay for rear projection projector. Shop with confidence. Manufacturer of front and rear projection screens for commercial AV applications and home theater. This rear projection setting adjusts the angle of projection so the projector can be placed right side up on a desk or surface, there are mirrors on the inside of the projector that adjusts this for .

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