Power line communication

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Power line communication

Adhere to messages received from City Power. Switch off main contributing loads e. Switch off heavy load appliances during load limiting or when you are not at home. Will the voltage surge not damage appliances? In the case of Load Limiting, power is remotely switched off like you would in a normal manner, so there is no sudden increase in voltage.

What happens if I experience damage to my appliances?

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The way the system is configured, we don't anticipate the system resulting in any damages to appliances. In the event that a resident wants to lodge a claim for damages, City Power has processes that need to be followed and the claim needs to prove negligence on the part of City Power.

Nonetheless we are confident that this system will not impair any appliances. Contact City Power on; i. Dial OR iii. Alternatively log a call on the City Power Website. I am experiencing recurrent power failures, what should i do?

The target appliances should be appliances those that draw a lot of energy.

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Many appliances indicate the amount of energy they consume, and this could serve as a guide. What is the threshold that I should reach in order to comply? Load Limiting seeks to reduce consumption by half to below 21Amps of usage.

How does it help to avert load shedding? When Eskom announces the onset of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of load shedding, administering Load Limiting by reducing household consumption would free up this energy shortfall, particularly the early phases of load shedding.

City Power requests customers to grant access to City Power meter readers to your property. The schedule of metering reading for your area shall be communicated via print media.

SMS What happens if my meter is not read? My meter readings are not updated and require manual readings? City Power will ensure that your meter readings are updated and get reflected on your Utility Bill.

For us to assist you resolve your query as soon as possible, log a fault with City Power using any of the options below and provide us your Meter Number and Account Number.

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You can log a call on the City Power Website. Dial OR iv. SMS My statement is based on estimates how can I resolve this?

If you have received a bill based on estimates it means your meter has not been read. Updated Meter reading cycles are available with the City Power call centre. Before logging a fault with City Power, please ensure you have you Account Number, Meter Number and the current readings on your Meter.

This would assist us to serve you swiftly. Log a fault with City Power using any of the below options; i.


Please log a call on the City Power Website. SMS I have a manual read meter, when will be the cycle for the next reading? Alternatively you can log a fault with City Power using any of the below options. Dial iv.

Power line communication

City Power charges a minimal fee for testing of meters. The fee amount is mentioned in the Tariff booklet available on the City Power website.Click on the catalog above, then select a section that you would like to browse.

18 Oct, 18 Adoption of HD-PLC as a new high-speed PLC communication technology for smart meters is accelerating!; 12 Oct, 18 HD-PLC Communications System Enables Next Generation of Smart Meters in Taiwan; 25 Sep, 18 Multi-hop HD-PLC Adopted as Smart Meter Communications System by Taiwan Power Company; 29 Jun, 18 Next-Generation PLC Technology Approved as Baseline Specification .

The MAX power-line communication analog front-end (AFE) is a state-of-the-art integrated circuit that delivers high integration and superb performance, while reducing the total system cost. The MAX is the first AFE specifically designed for OF. Power-line communication (PLC) carries data on a conductor that is also used simultaneously for AC electric power transmission or electric power distribution to consumers.

It is also known as power-line carrier, power-line digital subscriber line (PDSL), mains communication, power-line telecommunications, or power-line networking (PLN)..

A wide range of power-line communication .

Power line communication

Please note that Job card is an internal City Power procedure document and is not released to customers. City Power provides all job cards to City of Johannesburg for billing updates. Powerline Communications (PLC) Powerline communication technology minimizes infrastructure and maintenance costs by communicating over existing power lines.

PLC technology avoids the need to create new communication paths through obstacles such as buildings, hills, and basements that block wireless communications.

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