Poetry comparison essay introduction

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Poetry comparison essay introduction

During the modern period, there also has developed free verse in Western style. Traditional forms of Chinese poetry are rhymedhowever the mere rhyming of text may not qualify literature as being poetry; and, as well, the lack of rhyme would not Poetry comparison essay introduction disqualify a modern work from being considered poetry, in the sense of modern Chinese poetry.

For example, lines from I Ching are often rhymed, but may not be considered to be poetry, whereas modern verse may be considered to be poetry even without rhyme.

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A cross-cultural comparison to this might be the Pre-Socratic philosophical works in ancient Greece which were often written in verse versus free verse. Beginnings of the tradition: Both of these have had a great impact on the subsequent poetic tradition. Shijing The elder of these two works, the Shijing also familiarly known, in English, as the Classic of Poetry and as the Book of Songs or transliterated as the Sheh Ching is a preserved collection of Classical Chinese poetry from over two millennia ago.

This anthology received its final compilation sometime in the 7th century BCE. Chuci In contrast to the classic Shijing, the Chu Ci anthology also familiarly known, in English, as the Songs of Chu or the Songs of the South or transliterated as the Chu Tz'u consists of verses more emphasizing lyric and romantic features, as well as irregular line-lengths and other influences from the poetry typical of the state of Chu.

The fu form remained popular during the subsequent Six Dynasties period, Poetry comparison essay introduction it became shorter and more personal. The fu form of poetry remains as one of the generic pillars of Chinese poetry; although, in the Tang Dynastyfive-character and seven-character shi poetry begins to dominate.

A characteristic form of Han Dynasty literature is the fu. The poetic period of the end of the Han Dynasty and the beginning of the Six Dynasties era is known as Jian'an poetry.

An important collection of Han poetry is the Nineteen Old Poems.

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Jian'an poetry Between and over-lapping the poetry of the latter days of the Han and the beginning period of the Six Dynasties was Jian'an poetry. Examples of surviving poetry from this period include the works of the "Three Caos": Major examples of poetry surviving from this dynamic era include the works of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grovethe poems of the Orchid Pavilion Gatheringthe Midnight Songs poetry of the four seasons, the great "fields and garden" poet "Tao Yuanming", the Yongming epoch poets, and the poems collected in the anthology New Songs from the Jade Terracecompiled by Xu Ling — The general and poet Lu Ji used Neo-Taoist cosmology to take literary theory in a new direction with his Wen fuor "Essay on Literature" in the Fu poetic form.

Tang poetry A high point of classical Chinese poetry occurred during the Tang period — During the time of Tang, in China, poetry was integrated into almost every aspect of the professional and social life of the literate class, including becoming part of the Imperial examinations taken by anyone wanting a government post.

By this point, poetry was being composed according to regulated tone patterns. Regulated and unregulated poetry were distinguished as "ancient-style" gushi poetry and regulated, "recent-style" jintishi poetry.

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Jintishi meaning "new style poetry"or regulated verse, is a stricter form developed in the early Tang Dynasty with rules governing the structure of a poem, in terms of line-length, number of lines, tonal patterns within the lines, the use of rhymeand a certain level of mandatory parallelism.

Good examples of the gushi and jintishi forms can be found in, respectively, the works of the poets Li Bai and Du Fu.

Tang poetic forms include: Good examples of the jueju verse form can be found in the poems of Li Bai [4] and Wang Wei. Over time, some Tang poetry became more realistic, more narrative and more critical of social norms; for example, these traits can be seen in the works of Bai Juyi.

The poetry of the Tang Dynasty remains influential today.

Poetry comparison essay introduction

Other Late Tang poetry developed a more allusive and surreal character, as can be seen, for example, in the works of Li He and Li Shangyin.

Song poetry By the Song Dynasty —another form had proven it could provide the flexibility that new poets needed: Each of the tunes had music that has often been lost, but having its own meter.

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Poetry comparison essay introduction

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