Nigerian stock exchange essay competition

Former Minister Advocates For Early Financial Literacy For Students November 30, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, a former Minister of Education, on Tuesday said Nigerian youth should be equipped with skills and knowledge that would aid their understanding of financial matters right from secondary school. The ex-minister said an individual who has acquired financial literacy is considered financially secured and able to succeed.

Nigerian stock exchange essay competition

Nigerian stock exchange essay competition

The Nigerian Stock Exchange As a matter of fact, one can easily conclude upon observation that the majority of youth, which a great number of them are students, wishes to be the next rated music star. And it is not their talent that is stopping them from thinking otherwise, but because they crave the fame and appreciation that comes with being one.

While it remains illogical to condemn the desire of another, reasoning also demands us to ask ourselves if our intended route will lead to new medical discoveries in the face of the pressing danger of diseases and child mortality.

Will it, in any way, improve the transportation sector by building bullet trains? Would it enhance the increase of agricultural produce through mechanized means and at the same time monitor the state of the environment?

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No people can make progress with the type of education we have in this country. If half the support given to television shows is bestowed on essays and other academic competitions, the educational system would have been on the benefiting side.

But as it now stands, it is almost impossible to see if the system is being influenced in any way, by the aforementioned competition.

Like I said, it is illogical to condemn the desire of another. What I am simply saying is that, if academics is been treated with the same energy and fervour by our nation stakeholders, if the millions spent on shows such as big brother Nigeria, Nigeria project fame, idols and similar types were spent on spelling bees, essay competitions, science competitions, and not the paltry sums and stipends put out as a reward, we would witness what I believe would be a special type of renaissance in our country.

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In fact, more and more people will subject themselves to the grueling task of pursuing education. Winner of big brother nija with a check of twenty five million Yaba left online They would be inwardly spurred to press for better schools, to seek better teachers, the libraries would be filled again.

And when this happens, innovation will not only find oneness with our mind, our sense of reasoning will also be refined. However, while we bask in the pride given to us by the long strides made in the entertainment industry, we must not fail to remind ourselves that we can shine brighter if our education takes its rightful place.

Because only then can we boast of quality doctors in large numbers, innovative engineers and architects, and sound statesmen and women.

In conclusion, we should bear in mind that the possibility of this change will come if we all contribute our support to essays and other academic competition.

Though the change will not be witnessed as soon as we start, but with time progress will be witnessed.Scholarships for Africa is an initiative of iLEAD, in partnership with Ghana Education Service Greater Accra and Leadership Aid Board. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) announces Essay Competition for Nigerians which is open to only students in Senior Secondary Schools.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange has bagged the award for the Corporate Achievement Award to a Financial Institution at the inaugural annual Financial Literacy Excellence (FILEX) Awards. The Award which is aimed at celebrating and recognizing leadership and innovations that promote financial literacy in Nigeria was presented to the Exchange for its annual essay competition [ ].

A student of Sacred Heart College in Apapa, Lagos, Chiamaka Nwajiaku, Apapa, has won the first prize at the the Nigerian Stock Exchange Essay Competition for Senior Secondary School Students.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange issued Administrative Guidelines for Foreign Investment Through The Nigerian Stock Market. The Nigerian Stock Exchange market segmentation which reduced the sectors on the Exchange from 32 to 12 became operational; NSE Essay Competition- Building a Financially Savvy Generation.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is pleased to announce the commencement of the edition of its annual Essay Competition. The NSE Essay Competition, themed "Building a Sustainable Capital Market", is one of the Exchange's financial literacy and inclusion initiatives aimed at building a financially savvy generation.

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