Intensive strategies

Resources Intensive Listening When designing listening activities keep in mind that, in addition to global comprehension, we need to focus our attention on intensive listening. This is crucial to help students develop effective listening strategies and build bottom-up listening skills, in addition to the top-down skills that are emphasized in global listening activities. Intensive listening involves zeroing in on particular segments of the text, and this should come only after the students have developed global comprehension of the text. Intensive listening may target different goals such as getting more detailed understanding of some segments of the text, transcribing certain segments in the text, guessing the meaning of a word or phrase from context, looking at certain grammatical structures in the text to see how they can aid comprehension, etc.

Intensive strategies

Company first preference to check whether they can gain more market share with their current products in their current markets Market penetration.

Intensive Strategy Definition | Types of Intensive Strategies

Next it will find whether they can find new market for the current products Market Development. Then it consider their is a place to get share by introducing new products in the current market Product Development.

At last if all the strategies are not feasible in current company environment then produce new products for new market which needs lot of budget and efforts Diversification.

Market penetration strategy The first strategy company is looking to adapt for increasing their sales and profits. Marketing efforts of the company to offer their existing products in the current markets is called market penetration strategy.

Market Penetration Figure The penetration that brands and products have can be recorded by companies such as ACNielsen and TNS who offer panel measurement services to calculate this and other consumer measures.

Intensive strategies

Southwest airline in the current market by offering flights for the small distance cities. Market development Strategy Developing a new market for the existing company product is called market development strategy.

Companies can develop market on geographical such as city,country,region,state etc and demographical such as age,sex,gender,class etc.

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Market Development Figure A marketing manager has to think about the following questions before implementing a market development strategy: Will it require the introduction of new or modified products? Is the customer and channel well enough researched and understood? The marketing manager uses these four groups to give more focus to the market segment decision: Chinese products developed new market for their product worldwide.

Product Development Strategy Developing or modifying new products and offering to the existing market is called product development strategy. This strategy takes time and money for developing a new product. Marketing Manager must conduct a detailed survey to find out whether it is feasible to introduce new product in the current market.

McDonalds is always within the fast-food industry, but frequently markets new burgers. Diversification Strategy Diversification Strategy is the development of new products in the new market.

Diversification strategy is adopted by the company if the current market is saturated due to which revenues and profits are lower. At the corporate level, it is generally very risky and interesting strategy for entering a promising business outside of the scope of the existing business unit.

Intensive strategies

Diversification Strategy Figure Virgin Media moved from music producing to travels and mobile phones Walt Disney moved from producing animated movies to theme parks and vacation properties Canon diversified from a camera-making company into producing whole new range of office equipment.Although the rotational grazing strategies used during the winter are somewhat different than managing a pasture rotation during the growing season, intensive grazing during the winter is actually much simpler than grazing at any other time of the Intensive Strategies Those three strategies are sometimes referred to as intensive strategies because they require intensive efforts if a firm’s competitive position with existing products is to improve.

The aim of intensive strategies is to broaden the market share and to increase the profit by making the existing products more effective and intensive strategies and integration strategies Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this /intensive-integration-strategiesmine. · Apart from these there are intensive strategies that brands use to grow their brand in the long term. This article is a discussion of both generic and intensive strategies which Costco has utilized to build and sustain a competitive advantage and achieve long term /costco-generic-and-intensive-strategies.

· Intensive Strategies. Market Penetration--seeking increased market share for present products in present markets Market Development-introducing present products in new geographic areas Product Development-seeking increased sales by improving or modifying present

· The intensive strategies are required intensive efforts to improve a company such Microsoft Corporation to a position with their own product development. Strategy is an organization’s plan to success in

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