Form 4 pendidikan moral essay

Posted by pianolover Well, this is my first post in MS blog other than my self introduction one. I will mainly talk about Pendidikan Moral in this and also coming soon post as i got an A1 in my Pendidikan Moral and I also attended tuition class on Pendidikan Moral.

Form 4 pendidikan moral essay

Sejarah is one of the most difficult subjects to study, because there are so many facts to remember, so studying it requires a lot of time. In order to be able to cover all topics, you must start your revision at least 2 weeks before the exam date.

However, Sejarah is not difficult to score. However, that is not true so please do not believe that. It is also not difficult to score in Pendidikan Moral, you just need to master the correct answering techniques.

If you are in Form 5 and you do not have the Form 4 textbook, I would recommend you to buy one from the bookshop or borrow one from your friends and photostat it. However, studying using the textbooks can be boring, difficult and slow because they contain too much text in essay form.

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SPM Pendidikan Moral 2018 Tips Welcome To My Blog! My name is Daniel Lim Jhao Jian.
Moral Essay Spm Contoh Sejarah is one of the most difficult subjects to study, because there are so many facts to remember, so studying it requires a lot of time. In order to be able to cover all topics, you must start your revision at least 2 weeks before the exam date.

Therefore, you should also get a reference book. If possible, you should read it as a story to help you remember it and also make it more interesting to study.

Try to understand every sentence that you read because this can help you to remember them. However, it may not be possible to understand some facts because there is no explanation for them.

You should have an idea on what you have read and understood. Do not memorise exactly all sentences because it is almost impossible to do so since there are so many sentences in the book. Instead, you should memorise the keywords for every sentence which can give you the idea on what that sentence is about.

You can then use those keywords to create your own sentence. Make sure that you can remember what every sentence is about. Try to find out that relationship because it can help you remember the events. You should also try to remember it as a story that you have read. For facts, you should remember it based on your understanding if there is explanation for them.

If there are too many facts for a particular subtopic, you can try to group two or more similar facts together and remember them as one. The more revision you do, the more you can remember. Revise as many times as you can until you are sure that you have remembered everything.

When doing revision, go through all the facts and explanations in the reference book. You should find out what you still remember and what you have forgotten.

For anything that you have forgotten, you must memorise it again. Look for facts in the textbook that are not found in the reference book, especially those in the Sudut Maklumat.

You should read though and understand them, then remember them. Buy exercise books from the bookshop. You can start by doing topical questions topic by topic.

Form 4 pendidikan moral essay

They should be available from bookshops. After doing the exercises, refer to the suggested answer or mark scheme and do self marking. Usually, the same types of questions will have similar mark scheme, so this can help you when answering exam questions.

Form 4 pendidikan moral essay

Then, go through other topics as well if possible. Usually, only some but not all of the predictions are true. You should not rely on those predictions and you should prepare for all topics if possible.

Besides that, subtopics that have been tested in the previous year Paper 2 are usually not tested again in the following year Paper 2, but this is not always true. You can skip those topics if you do not have time, but avoid doing so if possible.

You should look for materials that are relevant to the topic in books, newspapers, magazines, the internet and other sources. You should also discuss with your teacher and friends about that topic. Paper 1 - Read the question and all the options carefully.

Cancel off the options that you consider as definitely wrong. Then, choose the most suitable answer among the 4 options. Paper 2 Bahagian A - You need not answer in complete sentences. You are allowed to write extra answers for all questions.SPM TIPS: Pendidikan Moral.

Search articles. By Kristina K. 24 OCT Follow the tips below and familiarise yourself with the format. Paper 2 is the project or folio that you’ll need to complete either in Form 4 or 5. Paper 2. an essay question. You’re given 2 ½ hours. You should have more than ample time to double and.

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business MGT April 4, Ethical and Moral Issues in Business Ethics and moral are not things that commonly cross a person’s mind, unless there is an ethical or moral issue. Blog Panitia Pendidikan Moral bertujuan berkongsi aktiviti Pendidikan Moral SMK Bandar Baru Sentul dan segala maklumat terkini mengenai subjek Pendidikan Moral.

Kerja Kursus Pendidikan Moral Tingkatan 4 (Tugasan Harian) Esei Moral 1. Moral Esei - Wanita.

Examination Format of SPM Pendidikan Moral 2018

TUGASAN HARIAN Moral Folio SPM - Tugasan Esei. Kerja Amal Pendidikan Moral. Tugasan Harian Moral Tugasan Harian Moral. Gejala Buang Bayi /5(43). Pendidikan Moral SPM (Tingkatan 4 & 5): Soalan Peperiksaan, Soalan Percubaan, Nota, Latihan, Modul Soalan, Jawapan Panduan Menjawab Pendidikan Moral SPM (1) Teknik Menjawab Kertas Pendidikan Moral SPM.

Teknik Menjawab Soalan Pendidikan Moral Tahun telah dikemas kinikan pada 2 September i am wondering what would happen if you include the kata kuncis into the essays. Reply Delete. Replies. Lim Bee Bee November 16, at what if the questions ask 'jelaskan nilai' but then i dont answer in kata kunci form.

is it acceptable.

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