Bad business presentations training

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Bad business presentations training

Shutterstock I recently came across a fantastic article by the sales consultant and trainer Colleen Francis about common presentation mistakes that salespeople make in front of customers.

In particular, she identified in the article a set of very common bad habits that can turn even the best presentations into total disasters. Starting with an apology. You apologize in advance for how this might affect your presentation.

An apology sets a negative tone that may affect the entire meeting and makes you seem like a victim. Nobody wants to do business with a victim.

bad business presentations training

What to do instead: Start on an upbeat note, as if nothing is wrong. Asking for extra time. Adapt your presentation down so that it fits the allotted time. This usually happens when initial slides spark discussion so you lay a "guilt trip" on your audience members to keep them quiet while you finish up.

Plus, nobody wants to hear you whine about your problems.

Top 5 Worst Things To Do In A PowerPoint Presentation | Pluralsight

Reading from your slides. Your slides reflect your thinking on a subject, so you read your slides aloud to the audience in order to replicate your thought process. You keep turning around to read from your slides or staring down to read from your notes.

If necessary, take a quick glance, but keep your focus on where it belongs: If you need to talk fast, your presentation is too long.

You keep fiddling with your papers, fingering your jewelry, scratching yourself, etc. Anything that distracts your audience from your message is making that message less effective. Rehearse enough, and your tics will disappear.

bad business presentations training

More on giving better presentations:Presentations. Resources, tutorials, and tips for Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other presentation tools.

Top 5 Worst Things To Do In A PowerPoint Presentation | Pluralsight

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Top 5 Worst Things To Do In A PowerPoint Presentation - select the contributor at the end of the page - Microsoft Office PowerPoint provides a lot of great new features for designing, creating, and delivering presentations, so better presentations should be the norm.

Bad Etiquette Scenario: With 10 minutes on your side before the presentation begins, you scan the room to acknowledge colleagues quickly and check if you recognize any specific customers (you failed to review the guest list that was sent to you in advance).

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