Almajiri systems

He said that it was incorrect for anyone to say that his administration neglected the Northern region in terms of infrastructure and physical development. The president said that out of the 12 federal universities established by his administration, nine were located in the North and were already functioning.

Almajiri systems

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad was married with Four wives, children, grand children and great grand children as well as hundreds of relatives and dependants. Upon completion, he was enrolled into western education, but was later withdrawn to completely concentrate on the study of Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiqh Islamic jurisprudenceArabic language and Grammar.

Furthermore, the Imam through learning the basics of English and Hausa languages had acquired knowledge to read and write by taking extra lessons at home on basic literacy Education.

As acting Chief Imam and a Judge at the same time, he strives to balance his duties as mandated of him. He was promoted to the highest rank of chief Alkali now position of the Chief Judge and Principal Judicial Officer in the yearas Chief Alkali under the Borno Native Authority, he was simply the head of the entire Judiciary in the State until the year when the Native Authority Courts were taken over by the State Government and the courts nomenclatures were changed from Native Courts to Area Courts.

Almajiri system: “You do not ban a culture” – Gov. Aliyu warns FG

Qaadi Imam Ibrahim Ahmad remained in that capacity untill in when he retired upon attaining the statutory retiring age of 65 years in the Judiciary while he was still strong and active. Apart from the numerous responsibilities enunciated above, the Chief Imam had membership of the Council of Ulamas, Chairman of Borno State Islamic Preaching Board, Pilgrims Board and subsequently also served as chairman of a committee set up by Borno Emirate Council on settling land, border and ethnic disputes between districts of Damaturu, Fune, Gujba as well Kare-Kare and Fulani communal clashes at the present Yobe State to mention but a few.

This is a rear opportunity that one can have in life as a civil servant. Like his father, Imam Ibrahim Ahmad had delegated the authority of leading the Friday congregational prayers in the year on age ground to his eldest son Late Alkali Baba Imam who later died in July after leading for three 3 years.

This is one of the highest honours that anyone can receive from the esteemed monarch, the Shehu of Borno.


He became the longest serving chief imam of the ancient Borno empire after serving for 63 years. From the literatures available on the history of Borno, there was no other Imam that has served that long since the Sayfawa dynasty to the El-Kanemi ruler ship of the empire.

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The news of his death came as a shock to all, it was described as a great lose to the entire Nation. The Borno State governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima In a statement issued by his special adviser on media, Isa Gusau, Governor Shettima described the late Chief Imam as one of the very strong pillars of Borno whose demise will be eternally missed, especially at a moment like this when the state is facing challenges that require the prayers and leadership guidance of great men like the late Chief Imam.

Governor Shettima said the late Imam was a rallying point who helped in uniting Borno people through his spiritual guidance and mediation in religious matters, recalling that he led Muslim worshipers in congregational prayers for over 50 years.

Governor Shettima said the late Chief Imam was a man of integrity, an epitome of greatness and one who devoted his life to offering prayers for many years of peace in Borno State.

He described his death as a huge loss not only to Borno State but also to the entire Northern Nigeria and the nation in general. His father Imam Ibrahim on 12th of June had ones directed him to lead the Jummaat Prayer in the absence of his elder brother Late Alkali Baba Imam and that was his first time in the acting capacity.

Imam Ibrahim Ahmad left behind three wives, many children, grandchildren and great grand children among his children are, Imam Laisu Ibrahim, Air Commodore A. Imam, Kashim Imam Ibrahim among others.the almajiri and tsangaya system of education in nigeria September 18, Ks Imam Almajiri writing some verses of the Holy Qur’an on a wooden slate called .

assessment of almajiri system of education; it’s implication for child, family and national development in zaria local government area of kaduna state. Almajiri is a system of Islamic education practiced in northern Nigeria.

Almajiri is gotten from an Arabic word “Al-Muhajirun” which means a person who leaves his home in search of Islamic knowledge. The Almajiri educational system in Nigeria: cost and challenges This paper highlights the cost and challenges of the Almajiri system of education in Nigeria.

The paper theoretically examines pertinent issues arising from its conduct and administration.

Almajiri systems

3rd January, 1. Nigeria, with a estimated population of ,, is the most populous Black nation and the 7th most populated nation in the entire world, trailing after—from least to most—Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, India and China (bn). the teachings of the Holy Qur‟an.

These two empires run similar Qur‟anic learning system which over time came to be known as the almajiri system. The Plight of the Almajiri Almajiri are found mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria.

They are usually between the ages of seven to fifteen.

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